NWICC Board Elections 2015

Election Results


Alhumdulillah, the voting has ended and the results have been counted.


It is with great honor that we announce the 2 new board members for NorthWest Islamic Community Center (NWICC).

Please Welcome Br. Mateen Ali and Br. Amir Moheet as the new board members for our community.

May Allah SWT put Barakah in these results and help us benefit from the energy of these 2 board members.

N.W.I.C.C. board will set-up a Meet & Greet with the new board soon. So please keep an eye on the note in sha Allah.


If you have any questions about the results, please email Aeel Ahmed at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 fi'Aman Allah

2015 NWICC Masjid AlkKareem Election Committee

 Amir Moheet




JazakAllah Khair for nominating me for the open position in the NWICC board. I live with my wife and 2 daughters in Plymouth. We have lived in western suburbs of Twin Cities since we moved to Minnesota around 6 years ago. I’m physician by profession and work at the university of Minnesota. I ‘m also an active member of MHPM (Muslim health professionals of Minnesota). I have been an active member of NWICC for the last several years and have had the privilege to volunteer in many of the NWICC activities. We are blessed to have an Islamic center like NWICC in our community. If I’m elected to the board, I hope to continue the efforts to improve ongoing and develop new programs to support the needs of our growing community.




 Hussam Alkillesly

 My name is Hussam Alkillesly, Syrian American .Graduated from dental school in Syria in 1996, moved to the States in 1999, went back to dental school at the University of Minnesota, and graduated in 2003.

My wife, Azza, and I have 4 kids.

My community activities include, 1999-2001 helping in a weekly activities at the Islamic center of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Including kids programs and Ramadan programs.

2011-2013 member of the board at NWICC.
I would like to be back to the board to help the community improving their commitment to Islam, and continue the good job our brothers and sisters doing for our community and our kids and future generations.  It is very important for me to help raise our kids with the Islamic values and keep their Islamic identity and be proud of it and be part of the bigger community we all live in.
Thanks and may Allah give his baraka to all of us.


As-Salamu Alaykum,


Allhamdulliah being a part of NWICC - Masjid Al-Kareem since it's inception has been a blessing for me and my family. It gave my family an opportunity to increase our iman along with helping to grow the community.  You will usually find my entire family at the Masjid on Fridays during the Halaqas, on Sundays for Sunday school, and also during the month of Ramadan.


Allhamdulliah with the help of Allah (SWT) and with the support of our community we were able to accomplish a lot in the last few years. Here are a few examples:


- Fully paid off the Masjid loan (the loan was for 15 years and Allhamdulliah we paid it off in a little over 3 years)

- Successfully implemented the Sunday school program (Allhamdulliah we now have over 150 students enrolled)

- Applied for Religious visa for a permanent Imam

- Supported a number of causes: Syrian Refugee crisis, ARAHA, Building Blocks, IOCP, Islamic Relief USA, IRG, and CAIR

-Promoted Islam and our community to local media (Kare11, Channel 12, Sun Sailor)

-Initiated the IRG youth certification program as part of the NWICC Sunday school curriculum and were able to get 12 students certified last year.


Inshallah if I am elected, with the guidance of Allah (SWT) and with the help our community, I would like to: 


- Continue to build a strong and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome.


- Continue to educate non-Muslims about Islam and who we are by conducting more events such as "Meet your Muslim Neighbors" and Islam 101.


- Continue to help our youth have confidence in their faith and be able to speak to others about their religion by getting more youth certified as IRG speakers


-Expand the youth led community service projects which currently includes girl scouts, tutoring, helping the sick among others.


- Hire a youth coordinator to conduct religious and fun activities for our youth

- Partner with Building Block and other local non-profit charitable organizations to help people in need


- Expansion of the Community Center. Now that the loan is paid off and Allahamdullah NWICC is on solid financial ground, Inshallah we will develop plans to expand the Center as we continue to grow.


May Allah accept all of our sincere effort and reward us all with Janat ul-Firdous. Ameen.



السلام عليكم, Welcome to Northwest Islamic Community Center of Minnesota

The Northwest Islamic Community Center was established in 2009. We started this journey to provide Islamic education and services to the Northwest suburb of Minneapolis. Due to the rapid growth of the Muslim community, we feel that there is a greater need for a Masjid/Community Center in this area. Our goal is to provide Islamic education and services to our Muslim and Non-Muslim community. We will cater to the traditions of Islam by conducting social, cultural and educational activities.





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Updated - December 10, 2015  



NWICC is organized exclusively for Islamic educational, religious, charitable, and social activities. All assets of NWICC are to be used for religious and social purposes documented in the by-laws. All its activities shall be in accordance with the Quran, authentic Sunnah, laws of the State of Minnesota, and the laws of The United States of America. The aim and purpose of NWICC is to serve the best interest of Muslims of Minnesota, particularly the Muslims living in the West and Northwest Metropolitan Areas (Plymouth/Maple Grove and it's neighboring communities).


3300 Plymouth Blvd
MN 55447

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